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    Weather Thursday October 24th 2013 TODAY – THURSDAY OCTOBER 24 2013 Sunny and mild SKY CONDITION : some fog patches early in the morning – otherwise clear or partly cloudy – high cloud coming in towards the latter part of the afternoon. Period of sunshine close to 95%. PRECIPITATION : none. WIND - ground level : variable light. WIND - mid mountain : SE light. WIND - high mountain : WSW moderate. TEMPERATURE : low +4°C - high +17°C. ISOTHERM 0°C : 3200 -> 3500 m. ISOTHERM -10°C : 4700 -> 4900 m. Overnight OVERNIGHT Thin hazy sky – fairly mild SKY CONDITION : partly cloudy – high cloud crossing over. PRECIPITATION : none. WIND - aloft : WSW moderate -> light to moderate. TEMPERATURE : low +6°C. Tomorrow FRIDAY OCTOBER 25 Fairly sunny – very mild – light f?hn wind SKY CONDITION : partly cloudy – high cloud crossing over – fairly thick at times – clear at night. Period of sunshine close to 85%. PRECIPITATION : none. WIND - aloft : WSW light to moderate -> SW moderate to strong – light f?hn wind in the valley. TEMPERATURE : low +6 °C - high +20°C. Synopsis High 1037-1020 hpa, Southern Russia to Lybia, drifting east in its northern part. Low 993 hpa, far west of Portugal, drifting northeast. Southwesterly altitude stream in-between, noticeably milder than seasonal average, keeping on to flowing until Monday. Thus, f?hn wind pattern probably setting up again by Friday and Saturday while a weak disturbance is expected to crossing over the area by Sunday. Further outlook is uncertain. Chamonix Green & White Read?

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Chamonix Weather. Automated text based weather service by SMS, RSS

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